Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nail TLC - No Break-Ups Allowed

Welcome to Miriam Elizabeth ~ Nails by.

Before getting into all the exciting glitter, stud and Swarovski filled nail art posts, I thought it would be suitable to firstly talk about some nail TLC and give you all some super tips and tricks on how to look after your beautiful digits, whether they are au naturale or embellished with polish.

I have used Gelish, a gel polish on my nails since February this year, and never have I ever had a chip in my polish, EVER. To me, what is the point of spending the time doing your nails/having your nails done, only to completely mistreat the poor things and continue to use your nails as tools.

So, if you would like to know how to maintain gel polish and look after your nails, please read on...

1. CUTICLE OIL! You wouldn't dare wash your hair and forget to put some sort of hair oil on afterwards to get those strands looking super silky, so why would you neglect your nails and not use an oil to moisturise the nail plate and surrounding skin? Massaged twice daily into the cuticle, nail plate, underneath the free edge and surrounding skin, cuticle oil can do wonders to soften any hard skin and cuticle, as well as keeping your nails in tip top condition. Once the act of applying cuticle oil becomes part of your daily routine, you'll wonder how you ever went without it.

2. NO BITING, PICKING OR PEELING! For those who like to bite their nails, try keeping a file in your bag, so when you get the urge to tear your nails to shreds, use a gentler alternative, filing the nail into your desired shape. When you are wearing gel polish, do not pick at the polish or attempt to somehow pull it off. This will only cause damage to your natural nails - a lose lose situation.

3. GLOVES, your new favourite accessory - not just for winter. However, I'm not talking about the woolen kind, I'm talking about the bright yellow Marigold type. When washing up/cleaning/doing house work, try to remember to use your gloves. We all use various types of chemicals around the house, and unfortunately, your nails don't like them very much, especially the bleachy, smelly kind.

4. JEWELS, NOT TOOLS. Red alert, no using fingernails to open cans, bottles or doors. This only encourages a nasty, painful situation where you could potentially break a nail, and then have to deal with that one-nail-is-a-completely-different-length-do-I-leave-it-or-file-them-all-down feeling. Simply horrible. Furthermore, try and observe the way in which you use your hands. Try and use the pads of your fingers to type or use your phone, sat nav or any type of interface. Again, these habits develop over many years, so you cannot expect to be able to change overnight, but putting effort into trying to change these processes will help you greatly.

My challenge to all of you for the remainder of this week...try out all of my four tips.

Until next time,

Miriam Elizabeth