Friday, 8 August 2014

Gelish 'Persian Purple Turquoise' Tutorial

Good Morning all! 

Today I bring you my long awaited 'Persian Turquoise' tutorial. This design is incredibly beautiful and can be customised to which ever colour scheme you like.

The items I used for this design are the following:

  • Gelish PH Bond
  • Gelish Foundation
  • Gelish 'Tahiti Hottie', 'Passion', 'Mali-Blu Me Away' and 'Night Reflection'
  • Gelish Top It Off
  • Gelish Cleanse
  • Folk Art Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint
  • OPI 'Lady in Black'
  • Cling Film
  • Sanitiser Spray/Body Spray
  • Bowl of room temperature water
  • Gelish 6G LED Lamp
  • Scotch Tape
  • Cotton Wool Buds
  • Lint Free Pads
  • Orange Wood Stick

After carrying out thorough preparation of the nail, apply Gelish PH Bond and a very thin coat of Gelish Foundation, curing for 10 seconds in the Gelish 6G LED lamp. Then paint your nails with two coats of Gelish 'Tahiti Hottie', curing each coat for 30 seconds.

Using a small piece of makeup or kitchen sponge, dab on Gelish 'Passion', 'Mali-Blu Me Away' and 'Night Reflection'. Sponge the colours on to the nail in order to create the blended marble design. 

Add a small amount of Folk Art gold metallic paint onto a tile or palette. Scrunch a piece of cling film up into a ball. Press the cling film lightly onto the gold paint. Remove excess gold paint from the cling film by repeatedly pressing down lightly on the tile. 

Using light strokes, proceed to dab the cling film onto random sections of each nail. Repeat in order to achieve the amount of gold you desire. 

Once the gold paint has dried, apply one coat of Gelish Top It Off, curing for 30 seconds.  

Place scotch tape around each nail. This will help with the clean up process.

Fill a small bowl with room temperature water. Drop one drop of OPI 'Lady in Black' onto the water. Quickly spritz either a sanitiser spray or body spray onto the black polish once. It is important to experiment with the height you hold the spray from, as this can alter the pattern created on the water's surface. 

Dip each finger into the water on a section of the pattern you like. Once the nail is submerged, lightly blow on the water's surface to aid the polish drying. Then use an orange wood stick or cotton wool bud to pick up the remaining black polish. Then remove the finger from the water.

Once you have created the pattern you like on each nail, remove the scotch tape. Using an orange wood stick, remove any black polish from the side walls and cuticle area of each nail. 

Once the black polish has dried, apply one coat of Gelish Top It Off, curing for 30 seconds in the LED lamp.

Using a lint free pad and Gelish Cleanse, remove the sticky layer from the Gelish.

Then proceed to clean up any black polish around the nail using Gelish Cleanse and a cotton wool bud.

Here is another variation of the design I created, by using a custom colour Gelish base in the traditional turquoise colouring.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you recreate it, please tag @NailsbyMiriamElizabeth1 on Instagram, or simply write 'Inspired by Nails by Miriam Elizabeth'

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